Profiles and Personas as Decentralised Identities (RFC-043)

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OpenDSU aims to be neutral regarding emerging and existing standards in the identity management and cryptographic primitives standardized by the DTEs in upper layers (L2-L4). However, since DSUs can easily function as wallets, agents, or DKMs, we recommend the usage of a special DSU Type that we call DSU Profiles (DSUProfile). To maximize the interoperability of the DTEs, we plan to standardize the DSUProfiles and gradually add support to well-known and widely adopted identity systems. The DSU Profile aims to function as a portable wallet for the user and the company that aims to be able to store private keys and to offer control over its identities.

The DSU Profile will also have an associated SSApp and therefore will be able to offer a standardized user interface in all the edge clients that are compatible with OpenDSU.

The DSU Profile will also offer DSU APIs and user interface for multiple purposes:

  • Produce digital signatures for documents and messages;
  • Issue credentials (VCs);
  • Import x.509 certificates (private keys);
  • Import private keys from external W3C DID wallets;
  • Generate and manage multiple identities of the user;
  • Enable interactions with DTE governance bodies (enrollment, multiple types of verifications);
  • Enable employee management for companies (enrollment, give or revoke access).

Gradually, the DSU Profile will contain other functionalities (e.g. support for other cryptographic primitives) required by the OpenDSU community. A DSU Profile will contain various “personas”: self-sovereign or corporate identities controlled by the user. These personas could come from Accredited Identity Verification Providers (e.g. verified companies) or from various Online Identities Verification Providers.


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