Installation Info (RFC-120)

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This RFC provides information about the current APIHub running instance, along with details about the current workspace and OpenDSU-SDK installation.

1. Installation details

The service presents resource usages like userCPUTime, systemCPUTime, uptime and a number of reads/writes using FS. Also, the commit numbers of the workspace and OpenDSU-SDK installation are provided.

GET /installation-details/

1.1. Responses

Status Code Description
200 Returns details about current resource usages as well as the workspace and OpenDSU-SDK commits numbers.

1.1.1 Schema


"opendsu-sdk": {

  "commitNo": "string",

  "commitMessage": "string"


"workspace": {

  "commitNo": "string",

  "commitMessage": "string"


"resourceUsage": {

  "userCPUTime": 2718000,

  "systemCPUTime": 906000,

  "maxRSS": 235008,

  "sharedMemorySize": 0,

  "unsharedDataSize": 0,

  "unsharedStackSize": 0,

  "minorPageFault": 0,

  "majorPageFault": 226256,

  "swappedOut": 0,

  "fsRead": 708,

  "fsWrite": 27,

  "ipcSent": 5,

  "ipcReceived": 2,

  "signalsCount": 0,

  "voluntaryContextSwitches": 0,

  "involuntaryContextSwitches": 0,

  "uptime": 47.777584




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