Authorization Tokens in APIHub

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1. APIHub as an OpenDSU Cloud Agent

1.1.Token-based authorization in APIHub

1.2. KeySSI-based JWT Tokens

The JWT signature is computed in two steps:

  1. Obtain the hash of the JWT Header and the Payload.
  2. Sign the hash with the private key of the “iss” obtained from the SeedSSI.
JWT Header Fields Details
Typ (Token type) Set to “SeedSSIJWT

JWT Payload Fields Details
sub Set to the identifier of the user owning the SeedSSI used for issuing the token
aud The Audience field is a hash used to verify that the token is authentic and was not reused. The “aud” field is obtained by applying the hash function to a string obtaining by concatenating the URL that is under the authorisation
iss The sReadSSI used for signing (the JWT Issuer)
iat Issued At Time claim
nbf Not Before Time
exp Expiration Time

1.2.1. Threat model

  • Improperly signed JWT Token
  • Stolen SeedSSI used to create valid JWT Tokens
  • Stolen JWT Token
  • Corrupted APIHub

1.2.2.Relevant APIs in OpenDSU SDK

API Description API family
createJWT createJWT(issuer:SeedSSI, scope:string,credentials:array, options, callback)

Returns: a valid JWT token signed by the SeedSSI
verifyJWT verifyJWT(JWT, rootOfTrustVerificationStrategy, callback)

Returns: calls the callback with success (true) or error
createCredential createCredential(issuer:SeedSSI,credentialSubject, callback)  
createAuthToken createAuthToken(seedSSI, scope, credential, callback)  
verifyAuthToken verifyAuthToken (jwt,listOfIssuers, callback)  

skipAuthorisation: [“bricks/get-brick/epi”,“bricks/get-brick/:ssi:zsa:epi:”]

Authorisation SSI Signed
User SSI  
User Credentials Signed by Authorisation SSI Binds User SSI (contains User sRead SSI)
Authentication Token Signed by User SSI Binds User Credentials

2. Type of Wallets

2.1. SeedSSI Wallet

2.2. SecretSSI Wallets


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