Mapping Engine (RFC-076)

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1. Public functions from the Mapping Engine

Function getMappingEngine(persistenceDSU, options)

Description: Creates a new MappingEngine Object.

Name Type Value Description
persistenceDSU object *required The DSU that will be used as a storage service. It must contain these three functions: beginBatch(), commitBatch(), cancelBatch().

Function getMessagesPipe

Description: Returns the pipe and waits for messages that will later be matched and mapped to certain functions.

Function getErrorsMap

Description: Returns an error map for different types of errors that might occur while receiving messages or while mapping them.

Function defineMapping(matchFunction, mappingFunction)

Description: After the message is received and digested, this function is used to map that message to the desired method.

Name Type Value Description
matchFunction function *required A function that will match the message to a certain method.
mappingFunction function *required The mapping function that is being selected.

Function defineApi(name, implementation)

Description: Selects a function that will represent the implementation for a certain API.

Name Type Value Description
name string *required The name of the API
implementation string *required The name of the function that will represent the implementation for that certain api.


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