BDNS (RFC-122)

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The "BDNS" API space offers a set of portable functions used to request information about the blockchain domain used by your DSU. The agents should handle these operations automatically to get the anchoring service associated with the domain, the brick storage location and more information.

1. Get BDNS configuration

Get the loaded BDNS configuration. The result is the completed configuration. Because loading BDNS configuration can take some time, accessing the endpoint sometimes can result in errors. In case of error, the result may be a partially loaded configuration.

GET /bdns Get the loaded BDNS configuration.

1.1. Responses

Status Code Description
200 Returns the loaded BDNS configuration (see 1.1.1 schema application/ json).
404 BDNS configuration not loaded yet.
500 Generic failure when trying to read or parse file

1.1.1. Schema: application/json

 "default": {
   "replicas": [],
   "brickStorages": [
   "anchoringServices": [
   "notifications": [
 "epi": {
   "replicas": [],
   "brickStorages": [
   "anchoringServices": [


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