Message Queues (RFC-073)

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The Message Queues “MQ” API space offers a set of portable functions for sending and receiving messages towards message queues identified by KeySSIs.

1. Message queues functions in OpenDSU

Function getMQHandlerForDID(didDocument, domain, timeout)

Description: Get an observable object that receives messages from the fromKeySSI if the asKeySSI has the rights to read those messages.

Name Type Value Description
didDocument     The KeySSI from which you want to get the handler.
domain string *required The blockchain domain.
timeout number(ms)   The amount of time before the request times out.


Name Description
MQHandler object  

2. APIHUB Endpoints


    put /mappingEngine/domain/  < messages ( array of messages)


    put /notification/send/domain/anchorID   < message signed by corresponding keyssi

    get /notification/get/domain/anchorID  > notification

Server settings:

    notification_expiration: 60 seconds
    notification_client_timeout : 60 (60 seconds)
    notification_maxSize: 1 (1k)
    notification_queue_length: 10


    put /mq/domain/put/hashDID/  < message
    get /mq/domain/nonce > nonce
    get /mq/domain/get/hashDID/nonce/signature_of_did  > {messageID, message}
    get /mq/domain/take/hashDID/nonce/signature_of_did  > message
    delete /mq/domain/delete/hashDID/messageID/signature_of_did

Server settings:

    mq_client_timeout: 60 (60 seconds)
    mq_nonce_expiration_time: 10 (10 seconds)
    mq_throttling: 2  (2  messages/second)
    mq_allow_ unregistered_did: false
    mq_maxSize: 10 (10k)


    put /hosting/domain/mq/allow/hashDID/validatorSignature
    put /hosting/domain/mq/quota/hashDID/validatorSignature  < number of messages
    put /hosting/domain/mq/throttling/hashDID/validatorSignature  < number of messages/second
    put /hosting/domain/notifications/allow/anchorID/validatorSignature

Configurations files

    domain: validatorDID


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