APIs Overview (RFC 060)

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This RFC summarizes the different API spaces available for Javascript client-side applications.

1. Get started

In order to use the API, it is need to call the function opendsu.loadApi(apiSpaceName), where opendsu is the folder containing the code for the API and “apiSpaceName” is one of the mandatory APIs space names in the list below.

1.1 API Spaces Summary

API Space Purpose
Anchoring Anchoring service
BDNS Handling Blockchain Domain Name Service
Bricking Bricks Storages
Cache Utilities for caching
Config Utilities for openDSu environment configurations
Crypto Recommended Crypto APIs
DB DSU based databases
DT DSU Types
Enclave Private data storage
Error reporting Custom error management
HTTP Http client APIs
KeySSI KeySSI manipulation
lock New
m2dsu Message To DSU operations Mapping Engine
mq KeySSIs based Message Queues
Notifications KeySSIs based Notifications
Resolver Obtain DSU Representations using a resolver and handlers.
SC Security Context
System This API space allows the user to configure environment variables of the OpenDSU system.
utils OpenDSU related utility APIs
workers NEW
//Load openDSU environment


//Load openDSU SDK

const opendsu = require("opendsu");

//Load the API space of your choice

const resolver = opendsu.loadApi("resolver");

const keyssispace = opendsu.loadApi("keyssi");

const http = opendsu.loadApi("http");


How to use

2. Operations on DSUs

Click here to know all operations available on DSU objects

3. Operations on KeySSIs

Click here to know all common operations available for every KeySSI

There are also family-specific functions that you can find on the dedicated pages of each family.


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