How to submit an RFC proposal

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RFC Status

Proposal The RFC is proposed (nice to have) but has no content.
Early Draft The RFC has some texts.
Draft The RFC is being drafted.
Feedback The community can review and give feedback on the RFC. Typically the OpenDSU features are mature and can be used in projects. Minor changes could come but no breaking changes.
Submitted Under review by the OpenDSU approval committee.
Rejected The RFC has been rejected.
Accepted The proposal has been accepted and has an implementation.
Obsolete/Replaced The RFC is not needed anymore or has been replaced.

Typically, in similar internet communities, the talks and discussions happen early, and then the implementations follow (or not). We try to minimize the talking and encourage doing, so the RFCs are written after the implementation is good enough and can be tested by developers.

RFC by Categories

Each of these categories represents a tab on the OpenDSU documentation website menu.

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RFC Index table

1. OpenDSU Concepts

RFC link Goal Published Status
001 DSU Introduction Accepted
002 KeySSI Accepted
003 Brick Storages Accepted
004 BrickMap Data structures 🗙 Proposal
005 Anchoring Accepted
006 DSU Mounting Accepted
007 DSU Types Feedback
008 DSU Reconstruction Accepted
009 Special KeySSI 🗙 Proposal
017 Cryptography overview 🗙 Proposal
022 BDNS Feedback
028 SSApp Architecture Feedback
032 Cloud and Edge Wallet Accepted
033 Cloud Wallet and KMS 🗙 Proposal

2. OpenDSU for Beginners

RFC link Goal Published Status
034 SSApp implementation Draft
060 APIs Overview Feedback
063 DSU Object Feedback
064 Error Reporting Draft
075 Security Context Feedback
097 Enclaves Feedback
100 APIHub Configuration Feedback

3. OpenDSU Advanced

RFC link Goal Published Status
010 SeedSSI Feedback
011 ConstSSI Feedback
012 ArraySSI Feedback
019 VersionLessDSUs Accepted
023 LightDB Accepted
024 Rolling Updates Proposal
025 DSU Caching Behaviour Proposal
026 APIHub Microservices & Scalability Proposal
029 Anchoring with Zero Knowledge Proof Values 🗙 Proposal
065 Resolver Feedback
066 Crypto Feedback
068 KeySSI Feedback
071 HTTP Feedback
081 Verifiable Credentials - W3C Feedback
082 W3C DIDs Feedback
102 Fixed URLs in APIHub Accepted
103 Optimistic Blockchain Anchoring Accepted

4. OpenDSU Contributors

RFC link Goal Published Status
013 PasswordSSI Obsolete/Replaced
014 WalletSSI Feedback
015 HashLinkSSI, SignedHashLinkSSI Feedback
016 SymmetricalEncriptionSSI Feedback
018 ConstValue Feedback
036 Self Validating Data Feedback
037 Strategies for optimisation of OpenDSU microledgers 🗙 Proposal
040 OAuth Feedback
057 CredentialsDSU Feedback
061 Database Feedback
062 DB objects Feedback
067 BDNS Feedback
069 Anchoring Feedback
070 Bricking Feedback
072 Notifications Feedback
073 Message Queues Feedback
076 Mapping Engine Feedback
077 Cache Feedback
078 Config Feedback
079 System Feedback
080 Ledger Feedback
101 APIHub SSO Implementation Feedback

5. OpenDSU Wallets Developers

RFC link Goal Published Status
095 Octopus Feedback

6. OpenDSU APIHub APIs

RFC link Goal Published Status
120 Installation Info Feedback
121 Anchoring Feedback
122 BDNS Feedback
123 Bricking Feedback
124 Cloud Wallet Feedback
125 Stream Wallet Feedback
126 DSU Wizard Feedback
127 Static Server Feedback
128 Logging Feedback
129 Notifications Feedback
130 MQ Hub Feedback
131 Ethereum Adapter APIs Feedback
132 Smart Contracts APIs Feedback
133 SaaS Admin Feedback
134 SSO Secrets Feedback
135 Request Forwarder Feedback
136 Main DSU APIS Feedback
137 APIHUb Throttling and Readiness Feedback

7. OpenDSU for DevOPS

RFC link Goal Published Status
140 Helm Charts and Scripts Feedback
141 New Network Installation Feedback
142 Join network Feedback
143 Partners info management Feedback
144 Quorum Smart Contract deployment Feedback
145 Ethereum Adapter Installation Feedback
146 APIHub Installation Feedback

8. OpenDSU Quick Start

RFC link Goal Published Status
114 Developers Tutorial Feedback
115 OpenDSU Advanced Tutorial Feedback
117 Create Native Mobile Applications Feedback

9. Other Category

RFC link Goal Published Status
047 Rights and Obligations of OpenDSU Governance Members 🗙 Proposal
113 WebCardinal Beginners Tutorial Feedback
116 DevOPS Tutorial Feedback
031 OpenDSU Governance 🗙 Early Draft
046 Onboarding Open DSU Community members 🗙 Proposal
030 Authorisation tokens in APIHub 🗙 Early Draft
038 How to choose a ledger. When to choose ZKP 🗙 Early Draft
039 Zero-Knowledge Proofs and OpenDSU wallets 🗙 Proposal
041 Differential Privacy in OpenDSU 🗙 Proposal
042 Indexes and searches on encrypted data 🗙 Proposal
043 Profiles and Personas as Decentralised Identities 🗙 Early Draft
044 BricksLedger Architecture 🗙 Early Draft
045 Highly Scalable Ledgers 🗙 Proposal
048 Sandboxing implementations 🗙 Proposal
049 Keys rotation and delegation 🗙 Early Draft
050 OpenDSU Interoperable standards 🗙 Proposal
091 iOS Edge Agent 🗙 Proposal
092 Android Edge Agent 🗙 Proposal
093 Web Edge Agents 🗙 Proposal
094 Cardinal 🗙 Proposal
074 DSU Channels - DC 🗙 Early Draft
076 DSU Types 🗙 Early Draft
027 Ethereum Adapter 🗙 Feedback
098 Remote Enclaves 🗙 Early Draft
104 APIHub Locking Endpoints 🗙 Early Draft
020 Use Cases Development Guidelines 🗙 Early Draft
029 Validation Strategies 🗙 Early Draft
036 Secret Smart Contracts 🗙 Best Practices
096 Wallet Storage Abstraction 🗙 Recommendation