Request Forwarder (RFC-135)

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This RFC describes the creation of a new forward request for the authenticated client.

1. Forward Request for Authenticated Client

ForwardRequest service creates a new request from APIHub with the provided options and body. It facilitates access to different resources where access is restricted.

 POST /forwardRequestForAuthenticatedClient

1.1. Body Parameters

Name Type Value Description
body     Options for new requests.

1.1.1. Example: Application/JSON

 "options": {
   "method": "POST"
 "body": {},
 "url": ""

1.2. Request Headers

Name Type Value Description
authorization string *required Bearer authorization token.

1.3. Responses

Status Code Description
200 Operation handled with success. Status code may be returned from the forwarded request’s response.
400 Bad request. The request URL was not provided.
403 Unauthorized access.
500 Error on performing the second request.


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